First-class Japanese-style hotel in the southernmost part of Shizuoka prefecture, Japan.

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Accommodation plan

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Accommodation plan

Basic Accommodation Package

Enshu-Yumesaki beef Kaiseki course

Enshu-Yumesaki beef Kaiseki course

The famous "Enshu-Yumesaki cattle" won the Prime Ministerfs prize! It led the ranking in Japan, surpassing Matsuzaka.

It features a favorable balance of marbling and red portions: Not too much amount of marbling.
It is one of the best beefs in Japan, and is supplied to only limited area because very little amount is marketed.

Japanese food course

Appetizer: Five-item set
Kobachi: Raw baby sardines
Sakizuke: Yumesaki beef
Sashimi: Katsuo white flesh, Botan shrimp
Shinogi: Hard-shaped sushi of grilled Yumesaki beef
Daimono: Hot baked Yumesaki beef
Boiled food: boiled local fish
Pickles: seaweed kishimen
Rice/Soup: Seasonal clay-pot rice dish with pickles and Red miso soup
Fruit: Melon

Western food course

Smoked salmon with salmon roe mousse
Carpaccio-style roasted duck
Homard steamed with vermouth
Sakura shrimp sauce
Yumesaki-cattle beefsteak
Bread or rice
Coffe or tea

Accommodation plan

Charge for one-night stay with two meals per person (any day of the week) starts from 19,950 yen
Dinnertime or Lunchtime seat per person: 14,700 yen
* All the prices shown include tax and servicing charge.

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